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Well thought out and suitable designed residences are pretty attractive. If everything in your home is in order, then your life becomes easier.

Home decor.

An interior designer can aid you to design your house since they are trained to think creatively when it comes to home decor.

Northhomegallery provides you with intricate interior designs. We have a professional crew of interior designers who make these procedures smooth and easy.

Our essential intention

Our essential intention is to facilitate humans with a commodious lifestyle within their constrained budget. Our services provide multiple layout and design options that fit to your style and budget.

Services we provide

Space planning is a quintessential element of the interior design process. Our designers are skilled to analyse how to use the space. They draw the space plans that define a variety of zones in your house.

Interior architecture

Our services are completely bespoke and flexible in order to accommodate design changes that are unique to each individual client. Our team of interior designers make certain that the architecture fits flawlessly and is suited well to your home.
Our team of interior designers are relatively progressive due to the fact that they work in the world of home improvement. They help you easily find an electrician, plumber and contractor for all the finishing. You get all the benefits of an expert to create private space that is also stylish.

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The production of the object

For thirty years, companies have been required to pay a tax on packaging, based on the weight, volume, type of material and its recycling. This tax is used to co-finance waste collection.

Production costs must be compressed and, if possible, using local know-how and materials.

The most eco-conscious companies also try to offset their CO2 emissions by purchasing them from specialized bodies of the portions of forests in some parts of the Earth.

Finally, it is also up to the consumer to assume their responsibilities. Do not throw the item away without recycling its parts, and repair it where possible before replacing it with a new one.

The future of design
More than a trend, eco-design is becoming a necessity . Consumers are interested in a sustainable object, but there are more and more rules that require respect for the environment.

For example, for twenty years companies have been required to pay a tax on packaging, based on weight, volume, type of material and its recycling. This tax is used to co-finance waste collection.

This is how ingenious but useful ideas are born, such as the recovery of gray water from the sink to be used in the toilet.

What you find here
The section of the site dedicated to the theme of sustainable design and eco-sustainable design.

A philosophy of interior design and architecture that designs physical objects enhancing the environment and devising services in compliance with the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability.

Let yourself be inspired by the most interesting and innovative projects of architecture and design in Italy and in the world!

Secret interior design tips from the experts

At last, the design is beginning to assume its responsibility and is entering an ‘ecological stage’. Attention to the environment, sustainable production, natural or recycled materials… a new way of thinking about objects begins: eco-design .

What is eco-design
Faced with the awareness of the limits of excessive and destructive consumerism, the global economic crisis and the great problems linked to the limitation of natural resources and world pollution, design also begins to discover an ecological awareness .

And to rethink their approach to everyday objects.

A new design of goods and services is required, more sustainable, capable of producing without destroying , capable of imagining the products that surround us thinking about their future, when they will no longer be needed.

Finally we begin to design a sustainable use of the object also taking into account its life cycle and also foreseeing its end.

For a long time limited to a few eco-radicals, the design of a sustainable object has finally become something serious. And they try to imagine everyday objects through other ways of producing and consuming them, taking inspiration from nature and respecting their functioning.

Now we think about an object, its consumption, its shape inspired by the greatest designer of all time: Mother Nature!

The idea of ​​the object
Before even drawing it, the designer must think about the essential qualities of the object and imagine the impact that its use will have on the environment in the future. For this reason, the choice of recyclable materials therefore becomes a priority, but the availability of these resources in the environment must also be taken into account.

It will therefore have to aim for local materials, which do not require expensive processing.

One way is the IKEA approach, letting the consumer
assemble the furniture themselves, thus reducing the costs of storage, packaging and transport.

The goal is total biodegradability, zero impact on the environment. For example, the “Papcorn” dinner service is entirely biodegradable, because it is made from wheat, corn and lactic acid, or the spoon-biscuit, which is eaten with coffee!

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